Our Services

Our decades of experience in design and installation have allowed us to offer versatile and high-quality services. We know you will love the finished product. Read more on our services below, and then call us for a FREE ESTIMATE today!


We use landscape imaging software that combines technology with our design experience to give you a picture of what your finished home will look like before we even start! This will really help you to visualize the custom design and add to your confidence that you will be happy with the end result.


We do decks, porches, gazebos, pergolas, patios, and more. You can choose from a variety of styles and materials. Increase your living area, relax by soaking up the sun and outdoors, and give your home a more sophisticated look.


Benefit from our decades of experience with landscape design. We can give you great curb appeal by designing new beds or update existing ones complete with edging, plants, trees, and decorative ground cover. If you want a more elaborate outdoor living space or a low maintenance design, we can give you the professional look you want.


We can do edging either with vinyl, brick, flagstone, aluminum, or steel. For a simple budget-friendly option, we can also do a natural, spade-cut edge. This will clearly define your landscape bed to give it that finished look as well as keep the weeds and grass out and your decorative ground cover in.


We can also care for your excavation needs that require heavy equipment. We can do projects such as ponds, retaining walls, sea walls, embankments, trenching, extensive dirt removal, and drastic redesign of the site.


We can get you that picture perfect lawn, but it all starts with grading. This is one of our specialties. At first, we do a rough grade, taking into account any water drainage issues, then, we add a smooth layer of rich topsoil for a healthy growing environment. This leaves you primed and ready for sod or seed and starts you on the road to a yard you can enjoy for years to come.


Do you want to really take your house to the next level? Landscape lighting adds just that touch. Let us show off your home to its best advantage, even at night, with carefully placed spotlights and accents. Patio, deck, pillar, or pathway lights add better visibility and nighttime relaxation, as well as, more security for your family.


This insures that your outdoor living area grows, renews, and repairs with the season! This includes, but is not limited to, spring or fall cleanup, dethatching, trimming, freshening up mulch, fertilizing lawn and shrubs, reseeding, aerating, weed treatment or removal and, renovating damaged areas from winter snow.


Mulch helps control weeds, protects topsoil from extreme temperatures, and reduces topsoil erosion while providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to your landscaping projects. We suggest stone for decorative use or for landscaping purposes such as ponds, flowerbeds, dry river beds, under decks, along pathways, gravel driveways, water drainage systems, and more!


Enhance your outdoor decor with a gazebo, pergola, paver patio, outdoor kitchen, or fire pit. No matter what size you need or what budget you have, let us help you create an outdoor living area tailored for you.


Where function and beauty meet, the projects that lend themselves to pavers are endless! Whether you want a walkway, driveway, fire pit, or a mailbox surround, pavers offer an aesthetically pleasing option and solution.


When it comes to choosing the best tree or plants to add beauty to your home, let us use our expertise to help you decide from an assortment of high-quality greenery. Whether you want color for each season or low maintenance upkeep, think of us for all your nursery needs.


A retaining wall is a structure that holds or retains soil behind it. It can be completely utilitarian or you can use them to create beautiful multi-use outdoor living spaces.


Sod provides the option of an “instant lawn;” you can go from dirt to a beautiful lush green lawn in a day! Seed is more cost effective, but it does take a bit more time. Either option however, gets you the lush grass you’ve been wanting. So, whether you have a new home, marshy erosion-prone area, or your current lawn needs some TLC, we can help you get the lawn you’ve always wanted.


This is a permanent, long-term solution to your wet yard. Often there's a slope approaching the house, a depression in the yard that causes pooling, or excess roof water draining next to the foundation. Let us determine where the water is coming from, design a plan, and execute the solution.


A landscape water feature can be anything from a stream, fountain, standard or pondless waterfall, and even a babbling brook. This can suit any garden style, garden size, or gardener's time commitment. Whether you're considering adding a landscape water feature or expanding one you already have, we can use our computer imaging software to design a water feature that will seamlessly integrate into your garden and lifestyle.

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